transmedia ted


I am an enthusiastic, positive person who gets passionate about innovation in general. I love weird, difficult projects and I want to contribute in the making of the future of media. At the moment I am researching New Eugenics and Brain Enhancements…

I get enthused by physical and intellectual challenges like the marathon, or climbing Kilimanjaro; I am enrolledl in a PhD program and I want to help Public Service Media to define its future raison d’ĂȘtre…

things that inspire me

TED, BioEthics, H+, Nietzsche, Surrealism, Federico Fellini, Voltaire, Marshall McLuhan, Transmedia as the format of formats, Media Labs, great Chefs, Leaders, Thinkers, Doers and funky people.


(This website reflect my own views not those of my employer.)

transmedia ted transmedia ted transmedia ted transmedia ted transmedia ted